Friday, 8 July 2011

Down at the bottom of The Garden

Whilst painting the dolls from the 'Doll Parts' series it became apparent that each one was taking on an individual character and personality, I wanted to try and utilize this and try create some kind of story or world for them to inhabit - the result of which is this series of photographs 'Down at the bottom of The Garden'.
For the colour, tone, mood and composition of the photographs I drew inspiration from films such as 'Stepford Wives [1979 version]' 'Virgin Suicides' 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre [1974 Version] and the artist Marnie Weber and her 'Spirit Girls' series.
I was aiming for a hazy idyllic dreamlike world where the dolls can frolic in, which juxtaposes with the macabre nature of the skeleton features. Ultimately I wanted to show the dolls in a softer light, to make them seem normal and happy not the evil creatures many people consider them to be, it's cliché to say but they are misunderstood...

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