Saturday, 27 August 2011

Ben Vemon

"Am I Demon?"


"Don't Wake Me Lucifer"

Mr Ben Vemon is the reason I found out about the 'Home of Metal' exhibitions, I stumbled across his work on the excellent blog My love for you is stampede of horses and saw the mention of his work been included in the exhibition programme - it was then I started plotting my trip!

It's not just the fact he uses skulls in his work which appeals to me, I like the fact he's using techniques and methods you wouldn't normally associate with a heavy metal fan [quilting and embroidery] and he's making them his own. I admire his methodology and reasons behind the choices too, he states that he liked the contradiction in Metal of men wearing make up and outrageous costumes looking like strippers, it's at odds with the perceived idea of what a heavy Metal singer should look/act/be like... think about it you've got Ozzy singing about Satan and biting the heads off bats wearing heavy eye make up and rhinestone crucifixes and that's a tame example...
I do of course like the imagery he uses in the work and also the materials themselves - the old tshirts which are a work of art in themselves, all Metal bands tshirts which again jars with the stereotypical image we have of traditional quilts...
I seriously love this guys work, there's a studio visit features on the "My love of you..." blog which deserves a read, and Ben's own blog is also well worth a visit too!

More information on the exhibition can be found on the gallery's website.

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