Thursday, 18 August 2011

Doll Parts.

After many rewrites and tantrums here's the statement/explanation for the series of dolls, entitles 'Doll Parts'

Doll Parts:

Ever since I was a child I have been scared of dolls, terrified that they would come to life at night and attack me...

Humans naturally fear the unknown, I fear the doll’s blank lifeless expression that I am unable to read, and whatever lies beneath that flawless facade; watching quietly, absorbing secrets.

I knew that logically it was impossible for an inanimate object to come to life but I still could not let go of my fear. Using Science I tried to face my fear by dissecting the doll both physically and metaphorically.

The “autopsies” performed on the dolls led to an uneasy juxtaposition of childhood innocence and death. Their cheery floral dresses and ringlets jarred with the skeletal image of decay. For me the loss of childhood innocence is the moment you encounter/learn about Death.

I uncovered that if Barbie were real she would die instantly due to her disproportionate body, this eased my fear. Safe in the knowledge that dolls were physically incapable of coming to life I began building their imagined anatomy, unaware that by giving them a skeleton I was metaphorically bringing them to life...

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