Sunday, 21 August 2011

Funny Bones

I got asked a few days ago how long have I been drawing skeletons, which prompted my answer 'ever since I was little'. Unfortunately I can't remember
the exact moment my fascination with bones, skulls and skeletons began, but I do remember always been drawn to the volume of the encyclopaedia that dealt with anatomy and spending hours marvelling over the fact my insides looked like they did in the book! I can also remember having an x-ray when I was 6 or 7 [I was constantly falling over and in need of mending - it's how they realized I needed glasses!] and been absolutely stunned that they could take pictures of my bones without taking my skin off!!! From then on I seem to of been obsessed!
I'm in the process of drawing together a kind of mood-blog with all my childhood skeletal influences/inspirations etc, I'll be posting that very soon, but before then I thought I'd post a drawing I did in Primary School - I must of been about 7 or 8 as it was around the time I discovered Janet and Allan Ahlberg's book/cartoon 'Funny Bones', and decided to draw a skeleton that had fallen down the stairs...

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  1. genuinely enchanting and fascinating,i look forward to hearing more :)