Sunday, 28 August 2011

I am Iron Man...

Unfortunately I didn't have time to cover all the exhibitions I'd of liked to, I really wanted to get over to Birmingham to the Museum and Art Gallery - they had a nice stack of Black Sabbath related goodies to see :( fortunately I've found this link to Laney Amps blog with lots of photos of the exhibition so at least I've seen part of it...

I did have Sabbath's 'Iron Man' in my head for most of the trip taunting me for not been able to freeze time to fit everything in!

[Paranoid thrown in for good measure]

It did also get me thinking about another gem of inspiration from my childhood that I actually missed off my post a few days ago of childhood influences on my art

- mainly because it doesn't involve a skeleton... it does however involve an outsider and misunderstood "monster" - The Iron Man, not the Marvel Superhero but Ted Hughes' creation:

Like 'Funny Bones', this was another book I begged for at the Schools Book Fair, I loved the story so much that I'd go to bed each night after reading it wishing that I'd wake to find my very own Iron Man to befriend. I used to get upset and angry when I'd read about the townsfolk tricking Iron Man and burying him alive :(
Andrew Davidson's illustrations are stunning and really enhance the book, creating atmosphere and drama with only simple lines... The opening were he rebuilds himself is my favourite part - the descriptions are humorous yet there's a real sense of pathos at his struggle, and of course to a child fascinated with skeletons and how living things are built, the thought of an iron giant rebuilding himself was amazing in itself!!

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