Saturday, 13 August 2011

Rabbit Heart Cut Up....

Just after sawing

fixing and clamping the new support into place

Operation a success!!

It's nearly been a year since I took part in Helfa Gelf [the open studio art trail around North Wales] and a year since I painted the 'Raise it up [Rabbit Heart]' painting.
I did the painting as part of a self imposed painting challenge on facebook, completing it in 12 days [from basic sketch to finished piece] it was a great challenge and it pushed my painting, forcing me to make quick decisions, marks and choices, however I was also hanging an exhibition and holding down a day job alongside painting so in reality it took alot less than 12 days to do... this manic rush to squeeze in painting between shifts wasn't the ideal way to do it but I proved it could be done, it did however mean than I didn't have the time I'd of liked to make changes to composition, sizing etc, so I was always a bit unhappy about the bottom part of the painting, there was no need to have the excess jumper and arm in the piece, but I couldn't see that until it was far too late... so nearly a year later I took a saw to the painting! drastic I know, but I'm much happier with the overall piece now :)

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