Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Ram it Down

Another highlight from my adventure included the exhibition of Judas Priest costumes and memorabilia at the Leather Museum in Walsall - it seems odd for a veggie to enjoy a visit to somewhere draped in the hides of dead animals but it was genuinely fascinating! of course my morbid curiosity took over and pretty soon I was intrigued by the process the hide goes through to become leather! The Judas Priest exhibit was also top-notch, seeing the costumes go from sketches to actual wearable pieces was pretty neat, and the extra displays of various memorabilia and the design work behind tshirts/posters was excellent, Mark Wilkinson's illustration for the cover of 'Ram it Down' was the main one featured; it was exciting to see the process behind the piece from the initial sketch to the working's out and then the final piece and the various uses of it!!

[Mark Wilkinson's design for the cover of Judas Priest's 'Ram it Down']

Ray Brown's sketches for costumes

More info on the exhibition here.

and more info on Mark Wilkinson here.

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