Sunday, 14 August 2011

X-ray x-ray x-ray x-ray vision

[21 mins - Sunshine/Slightly Overcast]


Here's the second part of my cyanotype testing... I got given a small selection of genuine x-ray's by a friend way back in the first year of my degree, and have always wanted to do something with them but never been quite sure how to utilize them best. I did do some things with them using the photocopier in college but nothing ever came of that, it wasn't until I learnt about the cyanotype process that the clogs started to turn!

I've been fascinated/obsessed with skeletons and the mechanics of the human body since I was little so to be developing actual x-ray is a real kick for me :) and it sits nicely with my paintings - although I may bring in some drawing/painting into these somehow....

I only had enough paper left to try this one plate, so once the chemicals and paper arrive I can get cracking on playing about with the other plates and work out some ideas!

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