Friday, 7 October 2011

David Nash

I spent the majority of September working on the David Nash install at work, it was hard work but a goldmine of experience, having giant chunks of trees delivered and installed in a day was pretty amazing! The exhibition itself is well worth seeing! The black room [pictured above] is possibly the highlight for me, the sheer scale of the 'King and Queen' leaves me in awe, and the texture of the wood now it's been charred is beautiful - the grain/rings look almost like fingerprints, and there's wonderful areas where it's flaking/bubbling and chipping off....

The smaller scale pieces are my favourite - I love the fact a chainsaw has made something so delicate and dainty! I also really like the bronze casts of the negative space caused by cutting into wood [picture above] - the concept/idea of the pieces fascinates me, almost as much as the fact the brown one reminds me of Cousin It  :)

There's some photos of the install here you can actually see me do some work!

[photos borrowed from Oriel Mostyn's Facebook

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