Sunday, 9 October 2011

Doll Autopsy

Living up to my reputation as Sid from 'Toy Story', today I dissected a doll.

Last year I was given 3 hand cast porcelain doll heads - just the hollow heads, no eyes or hair - they interest me on so many levels, so today I finally got them out and started to paint them white ready to paint up as doll skulls, this then got me thinking about the rest of the body... It was at that point I took a knife to the above doll. In my defence her hair fell off ages ago and she was in pretty bad nick when I was given her so I couldn't really use her as a whole. Ssssooo the plan now is to paint up the individual limbs and have them as stand alone pieces, perhaps displayed like an autopsy, maybe incorporating the soft body into it aswell????
I've got a joint exhibition coming up next year with the potter Pea Restall called 'Part Human' so I've been thinking of new ways of displaying the dolls and of new twists to add to the work, so we'll have to see how it goes....

Here's one of the hand cast heads I was given, quite excited to get started on painting this one, the lack of hair means I'll be able to have a go at adding in cranial detail *happily sat with my nose in the anatomy book*

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