Saturday, 8 October 2011

It's Over....

Here's some shots from Helfa Gelf Open Studios Art Trail, I took part alongside my friends Susie Liddle and Wendy Dykes [whose house we used as a base] since we don't have an actual studio we transformed Wendy's lounge into a pop-up gallery for the month - hard work but it looked great! 
It was alot of work and effort but it paid off, we had lots of visitors, brilliant feedback and some sales :) 
You can check out the groups blog for more photos :)

We also had the wonderful potter and illustrator Pea Restall at the end of the lane also taking part in art trail with her amazing little studio! so it felt like a nice group environment :) 

Helfa Gelf was also a great networking opportunity, the amount of talented artists in the area is astounding! Swimming in this pool of talent are Clarrie Flavell, Wendy Dawson, Leanne Gilliam, and the delightful Karen Cheung whose studio was the only one I managed to get to this year, her work is quirky funny and beautifully drawn!! Her blog is also worth a visit! Here's one of my favourite pieces - it's pretty similar to conversations I've had with my Mam in the past!!

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