Tuesday, 1 November 2011

New Studio

Moved into my new studio today :) I've joined a group studio called CASC in Llandudno, it's a great mix of artists and an excellent space and working environment, with the added bonus of being right next door to the gallery I work in :)
It's a marked improvement on my studio at home which I shared with a tumble dryer and a dodgy roof, so hopefully no more damp to contend with! Although I was slightly panicked as I was packing up getting ready to move worrying that I had too much stuff to take with me, and that I'd have no room to work in, but I took the huge bulk of it in today, got it set up and realized I have heaps and heaps of space left over - enough to dance in as a friend just pointed out to me... but hopefully it'll be filled up with paintings rather than dancing...