Monday, 2 January 2012

Bones and Bubbles....

Bit of experimentation from the studio....
So I had a little stack of the x-ray cyanotypes I did during the summer, well I say summer it was raining whilst I developed them! anyway's I was thinking of how to use them within my work, they do of course stand up as photographs but I kept thinking they looked like they needed something more... so whilst working on the collage I was doing for the C.A.C.S collaborative project  I started playing with the leftover paint/bubbles and before you know it I'd started printing bubbles onto the cyanotypes.
I've used up the majority of the cyanotypes [the ones that turned out] so I need to do some more to continue experimenting with the idea, but for me its exciting to do something that I have very little control over, the bubbles and printing them onto the image are virtually random - since I'm printing off the bubbles blind [image face down] and I developed the cyanotypes using sunlight, so I'm again surrendering control, that doesn't happen very often in my work, but I'm quite enjoying it!!
I'm starting to get interested in the links between medicine and magic - not sure were that's leading but I think these are a good little exercise and perhaps a starting point for the idea?? there's a sort of link there somewhere I'm sure... to be honest it was more playing than planning, but I think it could develop or manifest itself somewhere or somehow in my newer works... I certainly like the contrast of order and chaos [bones and bubbles] and even the abstractness of the results... most of all I like the pretty patterns and colours :)

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