Monday, 9 April 2012


I'm rather late posting these photos since its been nearly a month since I purchased these goodies from DyfalDonc but better late than never eh!

DyfalDonc is a wonderful little company run by husband and wife duo Rebecca and Morgan, they pool their collective creative powers together to produce unique photo-collages and beautiful mixed media jewellery, badges and cards - to start my collection I got the amazing reindeer bag - which has gotten me alot of comments on my travels and people eager to get their mitts on their own [I held tight to mine - I'm too selfish to share!] and the Queen Mum card tickled me so much I couldn't bring myself to give it to own Mam for Mother's Day so I kept it for myself!!

Check out DyfalDonc on Etsy, Facebook and Twitter

This month marks DyfalDonc's first birthday so check out their social media for special promotional codes ;)

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