Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

linocut/image by John Scarrat

I'm starting work on some lino-cuts, a medium I fell in love with way back on my Foundation Diploma course - that seems like a million years ago and I've only really done the odd piece since then, nothing major, I'm thinking that the drawings I'm currently working on would work well in lino, there's lots of nice marks and lines in the drawings that transfer well into lino-cuts, so I'm excited to get started! I just need to sort out access to a press - otherwise it'll be a nice workout printing by hand for me! I've just ordered some new gouges since my old ones have rusted over in the dampness of the old studio :( whilst I wait for them to arrive I've been doing some research on other artists currently using lino-cuts. I stumbled across an excellent blog: linocutboy run by the super talented Nick Morley, which is where I found the above treasure by John Scarrat - pure genius if you ask me!! I'm also loving the work of John.C.Thurbin and of course Stanley Donwood 

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