Thursday, 28 June 2012

Abandoned Doll

I saw this doll the other night around the corner from the studio sat on the pavement by the furniture shop at the end of our road, looking quite happy but in need of a good wash. I desperately wanted to take a picture but I could see my bus yonder on the horizon and had to make the tough choice of missing the last bus home or doing the right thing and getting my camera out... alas I foolishly chose to catch the bus and spent the journey home regretting the decision! However as I was making my way from the Gallery to the Studio the next day I clocked the doll reclining on-top of the postbox catching a few rays...

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Skull Linocuts [Part 2]

Here's a few more of the skull linocuts I printed onto old pages from Enid Blyton books, I've used up nearly 2 books worth of pages - and will be using them for the upcoming Papergirl exhibitions.
I'm starting to think more about the symbolism of the images I'm using and have used in the past, and not just the personal significance but the collective association's we have with particular imagery.
I've used Blyton's books in the past as a symbol of innocence and contrasted it with darker imagery to represent the loss of childhood innocence, which exists already in a round about way within the books and the author. She created a series of idyllic worlds, stories and a certain vocabulary used in the books which jarred with the real life Blyton whose own daughter branded her emotionally immature, unstable and malicious. I suppose its an interesting case of the public persona verses the real life person, but it highlights my idea quite nicely, the majority of people would consider Blyton's work twee and almost harmless and a portion would see a woman who wrote children's books but was mean and neglectful to her own children, and of course by today's standards some of the content and language is questionable with possible racist and sexist undertones.
However I digress, this work isn't technically about Blyton, I'm hoping it's more about the conflict of the innocent and death, or it could be the Famous Five encountering a sign with a skull on it and believing it to be a warning against snooping around a dangerous site, I'm happy to leave it open to interpretation...

Saturday, 23 June 2012

'Part Human' at Denbigh Library

The final part of mine and Pea Restall's joint exhibition 'Part Human' opens today at Denbigh Library Gallery, the first part was at Rhyl Library Gallery back in February. 
Both of us are using the human form as a starting point within our work and developing it into something a little bit different. I'm a big fan of Pea's ceramic and illustrative sculptures so it's a huge thrill and honour to be exhibiting alongside her not once but twice! 
The exhibition runs until July 21st  and more info about the gallery can be found on their website.

A couple of shots of Pea's work, the piece above is a particular favourite - its called 'Guts'.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Raf Simons: Anatomical Mash-ups

Images copyright of Raf Simons

Raf Simons the new creative director at Christian Dior has just released his A/W campaign for the label, and it is currently causing a bit of a stir in the fashion world thanks to its clever use of photoshop. At first glance the models appear to be missing limbs, however upon closer inspection it becomes apparent that they're made up of various body parts collaged together to create an anatomical optical illusion...
The photography is the work of Pierre Debusschere, whose previous fashion spreads also plays with layering images, transparencies and manipulating light...

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Skull Linocut

Sketchbook Drawing - Graphite 

Graphite and Pastel on Found Book Cover

Linocut on Found Paper

Linocut on Found Paper

I've started some drawing for a new body of work, it's in a similar vein to the dolls at the moment, focusing on anatomy but moving away from my fear of dolls [however they may still crop up yet] I've not got much done so far, just some notes, research and the tiniest amount of drawing... I've been itching to get printing again, I've said before that I started using stencils to replace wood/linocuts,but I've always found stencilling a bit restrictive - having to think about bridges and having the stencils fall apart after a few uses... Thankfully I'm now in the situation where I can get back into linocuts and I've invested in some new tools - my old ones alas rusted over. 
I wanted to ease myself back into it so chose a simple skull design that I'd been sketching and then ended up developing for the 'Picture Postcard Show' and finally the print which I printed onto an old Enid Blyton book - picking up on a theme and method I started to explore in my final year of University, contrasting the innocence of the books content with the image printed onto it [see my previous work using this idea HERE] I'll post some more photos of the other prints in the next few days....

Monday, 18 June 2012

'Part Human' set up

I spent the afternoon in Denbigh Library Gallery setting up the second and final leg of the joint exhibition 'Part Human' with the wonderful Pea Restall. The exhibition opens June 23rd and runs until July 21st.

Papergirl Bristol

I'm going to be exhibiting and taking part in the Papergirl Bristol project this month, some of my new skull linocut prints will be displayed at The Looking Glass Arts Space from June 19th till the 24th and then once the exhibition is over all the work on display will be rolled up and distributed over Bristol to the public. 

Here's a little background to the Papergirl phenomena:
Papergirl is an art project, founded in Berlin, which in the style of American paperboys distributes rolled art pieces by bicycle for free. The project was founded by Aisha Ronninger and has been carried out every year since 2006. The project started from the tightening of a law against graffiti. Papergirl is a project that embodies street art in a new way without violating law.

So if your around Bristol be sure to pop in for a gander and on distribution day be sure to try get your hands on some free artwork!

More info can be found HERE

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Creative Boom

Creative Boom, a website run by Katy Cowan is a goldmine of info for creative's and a great site to search for inspiration and new ideas, whilst checking out what other like minded artists are up to. Last month they kindly featured my work in their "Inspiration" section, big thanks to Katy for this :)

You can check out the site and my work HERE

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Picture Postcard Show

I've currently got a piece on display in the 'Picture Postcard Show' exhibition at the Electric Picture House Art's Space in Cheshire, a space run by a co-operative of artists with group studios on site [very much like casc] 

Reading about the co-operative's ethos and mission statement is quite refreshing they aim to not only develop their own practise but help support and nurture other artists creating a solid network:

"The cooperative was formed around the principle of providing an arts space that has community involvement as one of it’s core functions , and of being a democratic organisation run by its members.
Our aim is to provide affordable space for artists, to run regular art workshops, community projects and to run exhibitions and arts events in our gallery space."

Below is my piece from the exhibition - it's pencil and pastel on a found book cover, and below that is an installation shot from the exhibition from the gallery's facebook page 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Kelly Durette



"Autopsia Cadaverum"

all images by Kelly Durette

Toronto based artist Kelly Durette uses the humble coloured pencil to render highly detailed photo-realistic drawings. Reminiscence of old school medical illustrations Kelly works from found imagery conducting research into various deformities, conditions and reactions that affect the human body and picking out bits to create her compositions, the results is a glimpse into the side of medicine we don't always see, the darker side. 

Monday, 4 June 2012

ROA: Hypnagogia

Photos by Henrick Haven. Lifted from HERE

I only managed to catch ROA's show 'Hypnagogia' at Stolenspace thanks to an extension on it's exhibition run [phew!] however it mean only seeing half the show - the other half in an outside location to the main gallery had already closed, however I was grateful to see whatever I could! 
I love ROA's work, whether its his street art or gallery based work, the mixture of nature and the urban environment fascinates me, as does his rendering of their form and anatomies, the genius of this show was the use of cupboards, drawers etc which when opened revealed the animals anatomies - like the coolest educational toy you sadly never owned :( 
Needless to say I came away with a massive grin on my face and suitably inspired! 

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Ron Mueck



photos by Patrick Nguyen 


 'Women with Sticks'

'Still Life' 


I've been a fan of Mueck's work ever since I saw his work in the exhibition catalogue for 'Sensation' when I first started college, I loved the hyper realistic style and distortion of scale, I think he's an incredibly underrated artist whose often overlooked due to his past life as a puppeteer... 
Even though there's only 4 pieces of work of display and 3 of them are small/tiny they command the space they occupy in Hauser and Wirth's smaller gallery - 'Drifter' especially presented on a bright blue wall like an LA crucifix it has a strong almost religious presence - yet is tiny! 'Women with Sticks' was my highlight the flesh looked as if you could touch it and it would be soft and squish like real flesh, and there was even scratches from the sticks on her thighs - the level of detail bordered on witchcraft, its hard to believe that things can be replicated so accurately - it was a small but breathtaking exhibition!   

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Ian Francis: 10,000 Years From Now

I've been waiting patiently since I was in Uni for a chance to see Ian Francis' work in the flesh, and his exhibition '10,000 Years From Now' at Lazarides was the impetus for my trip down to London, it was certainly worth the trip down! his work is simply stunning in the flesh!!
Exploring notions of the internet, celebrity, cinema, global fears & threats, pornography, the over saturation of the mass media, and thirst for news coverage of sex, death, war. Using vast and often empty landscapes, with hints of despair, melancholy and alienation Francis plays figurative elements against abstract backgrounds, using the act of painting as a way of processing the information gathered from internet binges and forging a world of escapism within his paintings. 

Become a fan of Ian here