Sunday, 3 June 2012

Ron Mueck



photos by Patrick Nguyen 


 'Women with Sticks'

'Still Life' 


I've been a fan of Mueck's work ever since I saw his work in the exhibition catalogue for 'Sensation' when I first started college, I loved the hyper realistic style and distortion of scale, I think he's an incredibly underrated artist whose often overlooked due to his past life as a puppeteer... 
Even though there's only 4 pieces of work of display and 3 of them are small/tiny they command the space they occupy in Hauser and Wirth's smaller gallery - 'Drifter' especially presented on a bright blue wall like an LA crucifix it has a strong almost religious presence - yet is tiny! 'Women with Sticks' was my highlight the flesh looked as if you could touch it and it would be soft and squish like real flesh, and there was even scratches from the sticks on her thighs - the level of detail bordered on witchcraft, its hard to believe that things can be replicated so accurately - it was a small but breathtaking exhibition!   

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