Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Skull Linocut

Sketchbook Drawing - Graphite 

Graphite and Pastel on Found Book Cover

Linocut on Found Paper

Linocut on Found Paper

I've started some drawing for a new body of work, it's in a similar vein to the dolls at the moment, focusing on anatomy but moving away from my fear of dolls [however they may still crop up yet] I've not got much done so far, just some notes, research and the tiniest amount of drawing... I've been itching to get printing again, I've said before that I started using stencils to replace wood/linocuts,but I've always found stencilling a bit restrictive - having to think about bridges and having the stencils fall apart after a few uses... Thankfully I'm now in the situation where I can get back into linocuts and I've invested in some new tools - my old ones alas rusted over. 
I wanted to ease myself back into it so chose a simple skull design that I'd been sketching and then ended up developing for the 'Picture Postcard Show' and finally the print which I printed onto an old Enid Blyton book - picking up on a theme and method I started to explore in my final year of University, contrasting the innocence of the books content with the image printed onto it [see my previous work using this idea HERE] I'll post some more photos of the other prints in the next few days....

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