Sunday, 24 June 2012

Skull Linocuts [Part 2]

Here's a few more of the skull linocuts I printed onto old pages from Enid Blyton books, I've used up nearly 2 books worth of pages - and will be using them for the upcoming Papergirl exhibitions.
I'm starting to think more about the symbolism of the images I'm using and have used in the past, and not just the personal significance but the collective association's we have with particular imagery.
I've used Blyton's books in the past as a symbol of innocence and contrasted it with darker imagery to represent the loss of childhood innocence, which exists already in a round about way within the books and the author. She created a series of idyllic worlds, stories and a certain vocabulary used in the books which jarred with the real life Blyton whose own daughter branded her emotionally immature, unstable and malicious. I suppose its an interesting case of the public persona verses the real life person, but it highlights my idea quite nicely, the majority of people would consider Blyton's work twee and almost harmless and a portion would see a woman who wrote children's books but was mean and neglectful to her own children, and of course by today's standards some of the content and language is questionable with possible racist and sexist undertones.
However I digress, this work isn't technically about Blyton, I'm hoping it's more about the conflict of the innocent and death, or it could be the Famous Five encountering a sign with a skull on it and believing it to be a warning against snooping around a dangerous site, I'm happy to leave it open to interpretation...

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