Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Adain Avion Attendants Troupe

It's been a few days since the Adain Avion Plane left Llandudno, I'm missing the AAA Troupe the most, the  retro Melyn Tregwynt  uniforms, the orange suitcases, and the effortless robotic Stepford glamour... they really helped to create a buzz about the whole project and the look on tourists and passers by faces as they walked past in regimented order was priceless! Inspired by Llandudno theatrical entrepreneur Will Catlin who hired Pierrot groups and placed them strategically around the town to promote his shows, its clearly a method that works! The Troupe was made up of the girls from the performance group 'Kitsch 'n Sync Collective'.
The highlight of their week long stay was the Wednesday night procession from the Plane over to Mostyn for the opening of Carwyn Evans exhibition 'Cysod/Ca 'Shell' and Wendy Couling's 'Trails of Thread' with groups of visitors and artists following Marc Rees [the Captain] and the Troupe stopping on route to pose by the bus-stop advert for Adain Avion. Marc carried a symbolic knitted version of the plane which he circled the Troupe with as they stood in the 'Tube' in the Mostyn, then placed the plane at the start of the row of Stewardesses and pulled its wings off - it was a brilliant performance! However my friends 2 year old daughter trying to interact with the Troupe as they stood perfectly still in the Tube was another highlight as was her directions for them to 'dance' for her once they were finished with the performance and taking in the exhibitions :)  

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