Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Artefacts of Failure: Exhibition at Quad

I'm part of a group show opening in Quad, Derby this week. 'Artefacts of Failure' is part of Quad's season of failure with another group show: 'Accidentally on Purpose' showing in the main space. 
It's a refreshing idea to look at the runner-up considering the focus will be on people winning and succeeding in this summers Olympics, it's also nice to look at ideas, artworks and proposals that never quite made it for whatever reason, often it's the mistakes or unfinished/realized ideas that prove the starting point for another idea... The way the exhibition was pitched to me really appealed to my subversive nature too:

"The season celebrates the best of the worst; it will be a positive take on the ideas and strategies of failure. Dominating the news, as an ever present element of our daily lives, failure and the lessons it grants us are a necessary element of success.
As a society we are attuned to success being our main objective, yet failure is constantly stalks us - leading to unexpected, even happy, outcomes. However, at this time of Olympic champions, there has to be a runner-up. There is a school of thought arguing that we have no right to fail, but a duty to experiment. The very nature of an experiment is to fail in the pursuit of success. We fail in studies, jobs, loves. We each of us fail, often as not. In writing these lines, we're probably failing to communicate exactly our thoughts to you. Is that a failure?"
I submitted 4 cyanotypes that had technically messed up - two where over exposed with stains from the chemicals/vinegar I threw in to help speed up the developing process and the other two I left out for a few days drastically underestimating the suns UV rays... I then managed to fail at every other step of the application process! I suffered an internet blackout and couldn't email the form, when I managed to get to a another wifi source the images wouldn't attach, once I managed to get them attached the emails kept bouncing, so finally a few hours before the deadline in a last ditch attempt I attached and emailed everything individually with a frantic explanation of the above accompanying my onslaught of emails! 
Thankfully I proved enough of a "failure" to warrant a place in the exhibition :) 
The exhibition opens July 27th and runs until October 7th. 

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