Thursday, 26 July 2012

Joe Simpson: Across America

A couple of months ago I sponsored artist Joe Simpson to aid his quest to fund a trip across America to research a new body of work. The idea was both simple and genius, Joe offered people a chance to purchase original sketches, studies and paintings he did whilst on the road, this in turn funded the trip.

Here's a brief explanation from Joe about the project:
"'Across America’ the working title for my new art project, where I plan to spend a month travelling around the States – creating drawings, paintings and photographs documenting my journey. I’ll be making artwork the whole time I'm away, which will then be developed into larger realised oil paintings when I return home that will be shown as a major exhibition at the end of the year. To support the project and to help promote it, I've decided to use crowd funding to give people the chance to buy the artwork I’ll be creating whilst on the trip."

 In hindsight I wish I'd of bought more than one piece but they'll be future opportunities... above is the pen/ink sketch that I bought, having been a fan of Joe's work for a while its exciting to finally own a piece!!

You can check out more about Joe's trip on this blog: Across America  

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