Sunday, 8 July 2012


From previous posts you will have gathered I've returned to my printmaking roots and rekindled my love of linocuts which has lead me to trawl the internet for other like minded souls, fortunately on my quest I stumbled across the work of John.C.Thurbin an illustrator who shares my love of linocut.
He's currently exhibiting the above 'Team Zizzou' print in an Exhibition called 'Analogue Perspectives' at the new Basement Gallery in the basement of The Lomography Gallery East London. The Basement Gallery will welcome a selection of the capitol’s most interesting, innovative and exciting artists, illustrators and craftspeople who work in a predominantly analogue manner. Those who work within mediums that involved a hand-worked-element. Hand crafted, hand draw, painted, pulled, screened, lino cut, photographed, paper cut. If your in the area its well worth checking out ;) 

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