Monday, 9 July 2012

My Bad: Bedwyr Williams at Ikon

I've been a fan of Bedwyr's work since my early college days, he was in fact a guest lecturer for my course so I've experienced his sense of humour first hand, He also used to work at the Mostyn [before my time] but the gallery is actually taking Bedwyr and his work to the Venice Biennale next year along with Oriel Davies, so I was excited to head over to Ikon in Birmingham last week to see his latest show 'My Bad'.
There's a neat video which accompanies the exhibition so I won't bore you too much with my ramblings, I will however say the entrance to the gallery [above] is very clever, by transforming the fa├žade of the building into a gallery under siege, Bedwyr takes in the galleries past brush with the IRA and also the constant threat of gallery closures, loss of funding/jobs, and negative public reaction to contemporary art.
I will also add that the piece 'The Falls' a pixelated photograph of Aber Falls waterfall really tickled me, as did Bedwyr's confusion of tourists reactions to the falls... I've never really understood the fascination with waterfalls and I've been chastised for this belief by various friends as they believe it shows I have no appreciation for nature, as in my eyes waterfalls is just water falling, its just gravity in play nothing too special...

Tha Fall (2012)
Film at Aber Falls, HD Projector, audio
Courtesy of the artist and Ceri Hand Gallery

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