Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Papergirl Calgary: Exhibition + Giftervention

I really enjoyed seeing the photos from Papergirl Calgary  the exhibition and 'giftervention' day looked fantastic! Big thanks to Sunshine and the other organizers/volunteers for all their hard work!
Here's some info about the project from the organizer Sunshine:

Fun Facts about Papergirl Calgary:
  • 550 works of art were submitted & exhibited
  • 140+ artists contributed to the project
  • A team of 19 Papergirls and Paperboys distributed 200 art rolls 
  • a core team of 3 volunteers & a project manager lead the project
  • 3 workshops stellar workshops were completed with attendance of 25+ people
  • 2 promotional collaborative events were completed with Cyclepalooza, Goodlife Community Bike Shop, Picture Books Zine Fair & Sled Island
  • Papergirl was mentioned on countless blogs, tweets and facebook pages it now has 400+ twitter followers and 220+ facebook fans
  • Printed & Online Press coverage: Stephen Magazine, Avenue online, Metro Magazine (June and August) FFWD Magazine, Calgary Herald Online
  • Radio Coverage included: CBC Homestretch, CJSW's Artlink
  • Submissions from 13 Canadian cities and 5 Canadian Provinces
  • Additional submissions from 13 countries around the world and 18 international cities
  • The smallest work submitted was 8cm x 12cm and the largest work was 1 metre by 1.6metres
  • Some excited artists loved this project so much that they submitted multiple prints, upwards of 30 pieces!
  • The submission age range was incredibly diverse: from 8 year old budding artists, to high school students, to university artists from ACAD and UofC Fine Arts, to established Calgary artists, and ACAD alumni, and veteran artists all the way into their early 70's.
  • Types of media: oil painting, illustration, watercolour, collage, conceptual & new media work, prints, embroidered paper, and so much more!
  • Best fact of all? During the ride out Papergirls and Paperboys were gifted with hundreds of smiles, thanks, hugs and cheers as they distributed art. One person was so overwhelmed that they teared up, they simply loved the work that they were given!

T h e a r t o f g i v i n g a r t

EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts 
City of Calgary
Cultural Capital of Canada Initiative 

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Holographic Anatomy

I received the greatest postcard the other day from my friend Jenny in America, it's a holographic card transforming a human into muscle then bones - genius!!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Photernative Exhibition at Oriel Colwyn

My x-ray cyanotypes are currently on display as part of the Photernative Exhibition at Oriel Colwyn.
Photernative is a group of artists and photographers predominately North Wales based who use light to make images - some digitally, some using alternative processes its a real mixture of styles and techniques! It's well worth checking out if you're in the area and there's heaps of images/info online about the group if you can't make it: here and here

Monday, 13 August 2012

PrtScrPress: Risograph Prints

Run by Nick Davies - who I met whilst studying for my Foundation Diploma many moons ago, PrtScrPress is a fairly new Risograph print business, here's a little snippet from their website explaining a bit about the Risograph process:

"At PrtScrPress we like to think of a Risograph as a cheap automated screen-printer, or a fun-size lithographic printing press. A Risograph works by producing a thin stencil (called a master) using heat. This master is then wrapped around the ink drum within the machine, ink is then pushed through the master stencil onto the paper which is passed underneath it. Here at PrtScrPress we use a Riso GR370, a model that is now over 20 years old, but still running like a trooper and prints at 600dpi. As well as being cost effective and vibrant, Risographs are also environmentally friendly, using materials such as banana fibers to make up the master screens and soya based inks"

Nick did a fantastic job on the prints, the colours and print process really bring out the hazy quality of the image - I'm chuffed to bit with them and I can't wait to some more printed up!!

Check out the PrtScrPress website for more examples of their brilliant prints

Monday, 6 August 2012

Papergirl Calgary

I'm taking exhibiting and taking part in the upcoming Papergirl Calgary project, having previously been involved in Papergirl Bristol  it's a fantastic project providing free art to everyone!

Here's a little background to the Papergirl phenomena:
Papergirl is an art project, founded in Berlin, which in the style of American paperboys distributes rolled art pieces by bicycle for free. The project was founded by Aisha Ronninger and has been carried out every year since 2006. The project started from the tightening of a law against graffiti. Papergirl is a project that embodies street art in a new way without violating law.

The exhibition will run August 8th - 17th at Epcor Centre and on August 18th the work will be rolled up and distributed around Calgary