Monday, 13 August 2012

PrtScrPress: Risograph Prints

Run by Nick Davies - who I met whilst studying for my Foundation Diploma many moons ago, PrtScrPress is a fairly new Risograph print business, here's a little snippet from their website explaining a bit about the Risograph process:

"At PrtScrPress we like to think of a Risograph as a cheap automated screen-printer, or a fun-size lithographic printing press. A Risograph works by producing a thin stencil (called a master) using heat. This master is then wrapped around the ink drum within the machine, ink is then pushed through the master stencil onto the paper which is passed underneath it. Here at PrtScrPress we use a Riso GR370, a model that is now over 20 years old, but still running like a trooper and prints at 600dpi. As well as being cost effective and vibrant, Risographs are also environmentally friendly, using materials such as banana fibers to make up the master screens and soya based inks"

Nick did a fantastic job on the prints, the colours and print process really bring out the hazy quality of the image - I'm chuffed to bit with them and I can't wait to some more printed up!!

Check out the PrtScrPress website for more examples of their brilliant prints

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