Wednesday, 19 September 2012

British Glass Biennale 2012

Last week I spent the day travelling to and from Stourbridge for the British Glass Biennale admittedly it wouldn't normally be my first choice of an exhibition to see as I'm not very clued up on glass, but I'm learning a-lot through my day-job in MOSTYN and I thankfully had my friend/colleague Sioned on hand to explain the various techniques and give background on the makers, so I left the Biennale enlightened on the world of contemporary glass and awestruck by some of the works and talent on display - I would actually love to have a go at working with glass - glass-blowing sounds like fun! Sabrina Cant's beautiful Bat for Lashes- esque piece in particular caught my eye...

Sabrina Cant
"Home: My time within this space"
Klin cast glass, multifused polished, sandblasted; gold

Cathryn Shilling
"Wear & Tear - Duality 3"
Klin formed bullseye glass

Liz Waugh McManus
"Family Tree"
Klin cast glass, coldworked; vintage dome, mixed media and video projection 

Julia Malle
Flameworked borosilicate glass; neon

Andrea Spencer
Flameworked borosilicate glass; fused steel + natural objects

Deborah Timperley 
"Dialogue at the threshold - Inside Outside"
Klinformed opencast black glass; coldworked, 23.5ct gold

Robyn Smith
"To leave is to enter"
Antique + charcoal, mirrored glass, waterjet cut; acrylic 

Alan Horsley
"No more heroes"
Sandcast glass, fractured and klin-formed; metal oxide inclusions

Heike Brachlaw
"Equinox II"
Castglass; Stainless steel + lead

Lujain Razouki
"Story of the riverbanks"
Fused glass, slumped + screenprinted

Matt Hayes
10mm sandblasted float glass; concrete

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