Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Helfa Gelf: Giant Step

We had a very busy weekend in the studio for Helfa Gelf: Open Studios, on the Saturday we had a group visit us from next door [MOSTYN Gallery] as part of a conference that was taking there called 'Giant Step':
"this conference looks at the role of institutions within contemporary culture. We bring together artists, curators, creative practitioners and others to discuss and debate how institutions or individuals stimulate and encourage the cultural dynamics of a location or society, particularly in areas with a less prominent critical audience".
So the fact they had a group studio of local artists next door participating in an regional Open Studios event was perfect! It was also a great opportunity for us as artists to do some networking! Artist Rob Stephen was invited to blog about the conference, and he's written a very honest, entertaining and insightful blog documenting the presentations, speakers, tours and his own personal reactions to the issues raised, its well worth a read! He also wrote a rather lovely piece about the visit to c.a.s.c [my studio] on there - I've posted some images capped from the blog above... 

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