Sunday, 30 September 2012

Jonathan Brier: Helfa Gelf

I managed to make it over to Wrexham to visit the studio of Jonathan Brier who has opened his studio as part of the Helfa Gelf Open Studio Arts Trail scheme. I'd seen his work online and started to stalk chat to him on twitter so I was looking forward to getting over to see his work in the flesh. 
Firstly Jonathan's a lovely bloke, the studio is really interesting, lots crammed into a tiny box room [seriously impressed by how much he'd fitted in] there's plenty to see - not only did I leave jealous of the work and talent on display but his collection of Spiderman and Hellboy figures certainly caught my eye aswell... The paintings are simply stunning, using traditional oil painting techniques to paint contemporary portraits, incorporating layers of text and over painting on-top of portraits, he's currently producing a series of studies of fruit, which will part of an exhibition entitled "Life Study" at Theatre Clwyd on October 15th. 

"A Thousand Lies"

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  1. Hey Badge, just checking what I missed over the weekend and I found this!!!! Cheers man, it was super cool to meet you properly, real chuffed that you made it over! Thanks so much for this incredibly generous blog entry as well!!! (cheques in the post!). J ;)