Thursday, 8 November 2012

Doug Aitken: the SOURCE

Doug Aitken's piece outside of Tate Liverpool was one of the highlights of the Biennial for me, a beautiful piece of public art, mixing sculpture, light, video, architecture together wonderfully, the artists interviewed were also hugely fascinating - its always interesting to hear what inspires other artists, how they formulate ideas, and to get a glimpse into their methodologies, I just need to go back at night so I can see it from the outside projecting outwards...

I'll let the Tate's website do the explaining:

Aitken’s first public realm installation in the The Source will showcase the artist’s pioneering approach to public art. Creative visionaries of all ages and backgrounds, working across different art forms, will consider two questions: where does the creative idea start and how is it realised? Participants sharing their thoughts with Aitken include David Adjaye, Devendra Banhart, Beck, Thomas Demand, Liz Diller, William Eggleston, Jacques Herzog, Mike Kelley, Lucky Dragons, James Murphy, Philippe Parreno, Richard Phillips, Jack Pierson, Stephen Shore, Paolo Soleri, Tilda Swinton, Ryan Trecartin and Jack White.
The work will be housed on Liverpool’s historic Albert Dock in a temporary pavilion designed in collaboration with British architect David Adjaye OBE. This deliberate separation from the traditional gallery space will create a new creative territory and cultural destination. The pavilion will have a night-time presence, with the work projecting outwards from the structure.
Aitken said:
This project is about the roots of creativity. Many of the people in this project are working in very diverse mediums and it’s that common thread that I’m interested in. The project is very much about the empowerment of the viewer. I want the installation at Tate Liverpool to be a destination: a place that one can go to and walk into this field of ideas. It will be a celebration of the power of the individual and the forging of a borderless new creative territory – I’m incredibly excited.

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