Tuesday, 6 November 2012

'Dream a little dream of me'

'Dream a little dream of me' 
Cyanotype on Paper 


“Dream a Little Dream of Me” 

On Christmas Day 1909, William Murphy strangled Gwen Ellen Jones. He then slit her throat with his knife before dragging her by her hair into a ditch, where her body was later discovered. 

William having lost touch with Gwen, had sought her out, having discovered her living with another man, let his rage got the better of him. 

He later said that he could not think of her with another man, and that he was not sorry she was dead.

He quickly gave himself up and was brought before the courts and later hanged at Caernarfon prison on the 15th of February 1910.

William Murphy holds the dubious honour of being the last man to be hung in both Caernarfon and North Wales.

This is the piece I produced for the 'YsbrydNos' exhibition with Bocs in Caernarfon for Halloween, the exhibition took place in the yacht club which is housed in part of the Castle and the tower is near to the old prison cells and the site of gallows where hanging would take place, I chose to focus on the last man to be hung in the town [and indeed North Wales]. My new skeleton came in very useful for this piece, as did my friend Sioned, who kindly loaned her neck for the skeleton to strangle, so a big thank you to Sioned :) 

The title and indeed the inspiration behind the choice of subject matter came from Chapel Club's fantastic 'Surfacing', its a song I've loved since I first heard it, the use of the Mamas and the Papas for the songs hook is genius, so I wanted to incorporate a little familiarity to the image but with darker undertones...

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