Saturday, 3 November 2012

San Francisco Papergirl

I'm exhibiting and taking part in the Papergirl San Francisco project, having previously been involved in Papergirl Calgary and Papergirl Bristol. It's a fantastic project providing free art to everyone!

Here's a little background to the Papergirl phenomena:
Papergirl is an art project, founded in Berlin, which in the style of American paperboys distributes rolled art pieces by bicycle for free. The project was founded by Aisha Ronninger and has been carried out every year since 2006. The project started from the tightening of a law against graffiti. Papergirl is a project that embodies street art in a new way without violating law.

The exhibition will run November 3rd - 10th at the Incline Gallery and then on November 11th the work will be rolled up and distributed around San Francisco! So if your in the area look out for the bikes and grab yourself some free legal street art!! 

If you look carefully you can see my name listed on their website

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