Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Life Drawing @ Royal Cambrian Academy

Quick 5 minute warm up sketches

Final 45 minutes pose

I went to my first Life Drawing class in about 4 years the other night, my friend and studio neighbour Wendy Couling has started her new job as Education Officer of the Royal Cambrian Academy so I finally took the plunge and ventured over for the last class of the season, with Academy member David Chapman leading the class.
I have to admit I felt very rusty to start with, and some of the warm-up sketches really frustrated me, but after a few poses I'd loosened up and remembered just how much I love life drawing! After a short break it was time for the longer 45 minute pose, which I really enjoyed - credit is due here to the model Jan for lying perfectly still! By the time I was happy with overall proportions and lay-out I started to resolve some issues [mainly with the feet] it was then David informed us we only had 5 minutes remaining!#! I could of sat there drawing the whole night, but alas all good things come to an end! 
Classes will restart in the New Year so keep an eye out for listings on the RCA website 

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Wrapped In Plastic: Skeleton

I've had to neglect the blog, and indeed my work over the past week or so as we've been building walls in the studio: I now finally have an enclosed space, and 4 walls instead of two!! 
In the run-up to this momentous event I had to clear the studio to make room for the building, this meant piling everything up on one side of the space and throwing giant plastic sheets over it all... Thankfully 'Hollow Henry' my skeleton came with his own plastic sleeping-bag, and as soon as I put him in it the phrase: 'wrapped in plastic' and images of Laura Palmer sprang to mind, which naturally meant getting my phone out and snapping some pictures! 

Laura Palmer: Twin Peaks