Monday, 25 February 2013

Caught My Eye: John Moores Painting Prize China

The Prizewinners from the China leg of the Painting Prize were absolutely jawdropping, photorealism was the prevailing trend, and as a fan of realism I was blown away by these two paintings in particular...

You can out more information about the Prize HERE

Hu Wenlong
Oil on Canvas 
[Courtesy: (c) National Museums Liverpool]

Pu Yingwen 
Oil on Canvas
[Courtesy: (c) National Museums Liverpool]

Artist Statement:
The body is the last property of the individual. Even the poorest tramp has his own body, over which he can exercise control. But for a long time, people have connected birth and death with 'life' and not with the ‘body’ as such. The body has been demoted within the concept of humanity, becoming a completely neutral word. You could say that the notion of the body has been obscured by the meanings and concepts applied on its behalf.
Yet, the body is where life exists. Only in the body do life and all of the associated meanings of life exist. Based on this idea, I started making my work about the history of the body, the body-politic of life, and the transformation of post-modern physiology, trying to explore the body’s different states within current society and in history. Desire is an attempt to analyse and examine myself through the body. It expresses the silent state to be found within lust, hope and reality.


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