Monday, 18 March 2013

Brontë Life Drawing @ Royal Cambrian Academy

 I taught a masterclass in the Royal Cambrian Academy last month, for A-Level students, so I was excited to be asked back this week to one of the weekly life classes. The current exhibition is of the sculptor Diane Lawrenson, whose bronze sculptures draw inspiration from both the landscape and the human form. The centre piece of the exhibition is the bronzes of the Brontë Sisters, so I was asked to use this as the focus of my class. Since I've done clothed life classes before I decided to run with the Brontë theme, and the wondeful Pea Restall came along to model in period costume, as you can see from the photos she fitted right in with the sculptures!

Diane Lawrenson 
'The Brontë Sisters'

I want to say a huge thank you to Pea for being such a brilliant model and a gold-mine of resources, and to Wendy Couling for having me over to lead the class, and of course to everyone who came along to draw!

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