Sunday, 24 March 2013

Caught My Eye: Alexander Stavrou

Whilst in London a few weeks back I stumbled across a gallery called 'Rook & Raven' just off Soho and was impressed by the group show 'Transmission: Surface Revive' which consisted of four recent graduates of the City & Guilds BA Fine Arts from the London Art School, the exhibition marked their first show outside of education. 

Two artists really stood out to me, the first I'm blogging about here [the second will follow shortly] Alexander Stavrou, whose work reminded me of 80's cartoons and sci-fi artwork, was full of subtle colour shifts and textural intrigues. He describes his work as a reflection on the dynamics of natural process and the transformation of energy into mass and form. He is fascinated in how processes such as a cosmic explosion or a cracking glacier occur, a hefty dose of chaos theory, drawing inspiration from such events and the implications they impact onto the world. He goes on to state that " I view paint as a chaotic substance with the potential to become ordered within a painted system. Paint’s continuous structure and surface lends itself to depicting a presence which evades finite categorisation, while existing in reality."

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