Friday, 22 March 2013

Caught My Eye: Death: A Self Portrait

'Death: a self portrait' was my main reason for a recent London trip, it ticked all the boxes for me interest wise, and after some of our youth group from the gallery went down to see it [after giving a presentation at Tate Modern!] and came back full of excited tales I rushed down to see it for myself!

Even though it's dealing with a heavy subject, there is a lot of humour and satire woven into the show, humour after-all has been proven to be a fine coping mechanism for grief and the inevitability of death.
It was also fascinating to see a wide range of styles, time-frames, media and nationalities all dealing with the same theme, sometimes using similar motifs but reaching a different outcome. It was a pleasure to experience and hopefully Richard Harris' wonderful collection will continued to be shared!

Marcos Raya 
Untitled (family portrait: woman in yellow dress)

Dr Luis Crucius
Antikamnia Calendarts

Metamorphic postcard (c1900-10)
 'La vie et la mort, Leben und Tod' (Life and death, life and death). 
Photograph: Wellcome Images/The Richard Harris Collection

Marcos Raya
Untitled [Family Portrait: Group]

Anonymous photo. 
The Richard Harris Collection
Otto Dix 
Wounded soldier - Autumn 1916, Bapaume, from the series Der Krieg (The War)

When Shall we Meet Again?
c. 1900. 
Photograph: Wellcome Images/The Richard Harris Collection

Jodie Carey 
In the Eyes of Others 
Picture: © Jodie Carey

Artwork photographs by: Photos by Happy Famous Artists.

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