Saturday, 30 March 2013

Caught My Eye: Light Show @ Hayward Gallery

I'd heard lots of good things about the 'Light Show' at the Hayward Gallery so I decided to check it out whilst down there, the ticket price and long queue did initially put me off a little but I'm glad I didn't let those factors dissuade me! The exhibition of course celebrates light artists, which admittedly is showing I know very little about, I was dreading it being filled with ex-Christmas decorations and pretentious neon writings that seem to fill very art fair, but once again my fears were completely unfounded!

Visually the show is both stunning and instantly appealing, it's hard not to be both mesmerized and drawn like moths to Leo Villareal's column of dancing white lights, and Cerith Wyn Evans triple pillars of warm glowing light has the same effect! Conard Shawcross and Katie Paterson's works were other hightlights for me, Anthony McCall's installation seemed to have more impact on me in Tate Liverpool, but I think that could be because I experienced it alone.
Two other artists really stood out to me, Olafur Eliasson's water fountain/strobe light installation 'Model for a Timeless Garden' was both eerie and visually stunning, a definite 'experience' [even if it did hurt my eyes] the flashing lights appeared to slow the water down into crystals performing a rhythmic ballet, which gave the light and water a magical quality.

Olafur Eliasson:

Model for a Timeless Garden

Jim Campbell's installation 'Exploded View [Commuters] was my favourite piece, it was subtle, beautiful and clever...

Jim Campbell:

Exploded View [Commuters]

Jim talking about the Installation:

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