Friday, 14 June 2013

X-Ray X-Ray! Cyanotype in Progress...

Mixing the chemicals...

After being exposed to sunlight...

Rinsing the print [a children's paddling pool is the perfect size!]

The finished photograph!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Caught My Eye: Llandrillo College End of Year Show 2013

Last night was the opening of the end of year degree show at Llandrillo College, it's always a show I look forward too, as I studied there it's a chance to catch up with everyone but it's always a show full of surprises!  Here's a few of my favourite pieces... Naturally skulls are something that catch my eye!

Chris Barr 

Enfys Radley

Sarah Williams

Alison Jackson

Monday, 10 June 2013

Caught My Eye: FACT 'Art of Pop'

A few weeks ago I visited FACT in Liverpool for the first time, it's a fantastic building comprising of a brilliant cinema, cafe and exhibition spaces. The exhibition on show when I visited was the 'Art of Pop' it was a fascinating look at music videos placing them firmly in the context of the art and wider world, exploring themes such as 'Dance', 'The Wilderness Downtown', 'The Dancing of Politics' and 'The Conquest of Film'.

Although the exhibition has finished you can still find out more about it on FACT's website.

I'm a huge fan of music videos and indeed the music so the exhibition was a huge treat for me! Below are a few of my favourites!