Friday, 26 July 2013

Paint, Pencils & Pixels @ Royal Cambrian Academy

[my lino cut 'Doll Face' on the left and on the right two of my cyanotypes] 

I was incredibly thrilled to be invited to show three pieces of work in the Royal Cambrian Academy Summer Education Exhibition, a showcase of the past years fantastic education programme. Featuring work from those who attended masterclasses, workshops and the talented kids from their Saturday Art Club, and also work from the tutors of the those classes and workshops, which is why I was asked to participate! I've run a couple of A-Level Life Drawing Master Classes, and also a Brontë sisters themed life class so it was great to not only see my own work hanging on the wall but also the work of my students!!
It was a fantastic exhibition and unfortunately only up for two weeks, however the education programme for the next year is jam packed full of exciting and innovative classes and workshops so I'm already eager to see what next years exhibition will look like!!  You can find out more about the galleries education programme on their website.

[work by one of Elly's students on her Brontë sisters animation workshop]

Work from the Saturday Art Club 

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