Thursday, 26 September 2013

Duplicate Editions @ Exeter Phoenix

This month the Cafe Bar at Exeter Phoenix is hosting the inaugural group showing of Duplicate Editions. The brainchild of artist/curator Nick Davies, the project was set up to showcase work by regional artists (primarily from Wales and the South West) with the goal of being affordable and relevant, and using risography as their production process.

14 artists from the first batch are being shown and the work ranges from photography to printmaking and even some contemporary jazz thrown into the mix!

I'm thrilled to be taking part in this exciting new venture alongside such artists as: Catherine Ade, Gabrielle Hoad, Ryan Curtis, Sam Aldridge, Rural Recreation, Catherine Cartwright, Stephen Monger, Andrew Parker and Theo Simpson.

All the works are for sale, in a limited edition of 30. The first 15 are priced £15 then the following 15 will be £20 each, bargain!!

The exhibition runs until October 12th 2013.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

'Cabinet of Curiosities' Workshop for LLAWN01

It's been a busy weekend for me with Llandudno's first ever Arts Festival taking place in the town [LLAWN01]! My studio c.a.s.c was asked to take part in the festival by hosting children's workshops, adopting the festivals theme of 'absence of presence' I decided to make Victorian skeletons using my dolls and skeleton templates as a basis. It was a huge honour to be apart of the festival, and fingers crossed it will continue next year!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Rob Stephen @ LLAWN01

It was a pleasure [as always] to bump into Rob Stephen whilst manning the MOSTYN's contribution to LLAWN01, which was Ffair Feranda. Unfortunately since I was 'working' I didn't get much time to catch up with Rob's adventures and experiences of the festival but thankfully he's documented his day in his sketchbook and uploaded it for all to share here, and I was thrilled to bits to find myself immortalised in there!! Cheers Rob!


Due to work commitments and the fact I was involved in LLAWN01 myself it meant I couldn't get out to enjoy as much of the festival as I would have liked, however since MOSTYN was the base for the festival it did mean I got to experience alot of the build up and behind the scenes action, so whilst I missed the 'disco time travellers' perform around the town over the weekend, I did get to hear them practice, and even try on the mirrorball heads!! 

It was really exciting to finally have an arts festival in Llandudno, its long over due! A big congratulations and thanks to Marc, Christine and all the artists and behind the scenes folks who made it all possible! 

Like I said I didn't get chance to see much, but I did manage to watch 'Jaws' screened on the prom, which despite my legs freezing, was an amazing experience!!  

You can catch up with some of the events from the weekend here and here and here

Monday, 23 September 2013

Helfa Gelf

I've been rushed off my feet with work this past month, hence the radio silence on here, however we've had three whole weekends of the annual Helfa Gelf open studios art trail, so I've managed to get in the studio and get a little bit of work done, whilst receiving lovely feedback!! 

Monday, 2 September 2013

Helfa Gelf Exhibition @ Oriel Pendeitsh

It's that time of year again! Helfa Gelf Open Studios Arts Trail has arrived! There's lest than a week left before it all kicks off, my studio at c.a.s.c will be open every Saturday and Sunday during September [I'll post more info on that in the week]
To mark the start of the trail this year Oriel Pendeitsh in Caernarfon will be hosting an exhibition of selected artists taking part and I'm one of the lucky ones taking part! They've even been so kind as to use my piece on the poster, so if you're in the area please do drop in and have a look at the amazing work on display, it opens Friday 6th of September and runs until October 20th, and also please do feel free to come visit our studios!
You can find more information about Helfa Gelf on their website

Sunday, 1 September 2013

'Day of the Dead' Workshop @ Royal Cambrian Academy

On Thursday I ran the last session in the 'Summer Art Club' for the Royal Cambrian Academy in Conwy, the theme for the summer was art from around the world, so given the content of my work and the fact I've drawn so much inspiration from it, I decided to use Mexico as my country and focus on the 'Day of the Dead' Festival. Given that my age range was 3-14 years old it was a little risky bringing in skulls and skeletons, but it paid off everyone had a fantastic time!

The younger group in the morning used skeleton templates I'd prepared to make their very own skeleton, decorating and dressing them ready for a big party; there was sequins and neon paint galore!!

With the older group in the afternoon we used José Posada's prints as a starting point and made our own relief prints using foam plates. They had great fun experimenting with colour blends and adding colour, sequins, feathers etc to embellish them, I was really impressed with the innovation and ideas in both groups, I came away bursting with ideas! 

I must say a big thanks to everyone who came [and their helpers] and to everyone at RCA especially Wendy and Jenny! 

You can find out more information about the RCA education programme by visiting their website