Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Due to work commitments and the fact I was involved in LLAWN01 myself it meant I couldn't get out to enjoy as much of the festival as I would have liked, however since MOSTYN was the base for the festival it did mean I got to experience alot of the build up and behind the scenes action, so whilst I missed the 'disco time travellers' perform around the town over the weekend, I did get to hear them practice, and even try on the mirrorball heads!! 

It was really exciting to finally have an arts festival in Llandudno, its long over due! A big congratulations and thanks to Marc, Christine and all the artists and behind the scenes folks who made it all possible! 

Like I said I didn't get chance to see much, but I did manage to watch 'Jaws' screened on the prom, which despite my legs freezing, was an amazing experience!!  

You can catch up with some of the events from the weekend here and here and here

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